an exciting new mobile app that will enable you to:
  • * Create a sports CV to highlight your sporting career like a professional

  • * Find new players and new teams for different sports such as Football, Netball and Basketball and many more coming soon

  • * Play your chosen sport

  • * Share your sporting achievements, media and photos

  • * Connect with an online sporting community

  • * Whatever your sport, upload videos of in game performances, funny celebrations or footage of an amazing piece of skill! #Give100

  • * Endorse people that #Give100, recommend people you like and build up your sports network. Engage in group discussions with your team or have banter with other players from rivaling teams using the #SPORTS100 in-app interaction messaging board feature.

Sign up as a
player & personalise
your profile.

Create teams &
connect with other

Share your sporting
achievements & endorse
other players.

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